Workshops are intended to be participatory, with opportunity for discussion and learning from others as well as from the named speaker. Further details will be added as they become available. Each will last for about 35 minutes and will be repeated twice, at 11am and again at 11.45am. Participants will be asked for their choices about ten days before the conference, so that we can allocate people as evenly as possible across the workshops.

1. Blooming and Beautiful - Flower Rich Churchyards - Andrea Gilpin (Caring for God's Acre)
Since 1945, 97% of flower rich grassland - once widespread in the countryside - has vanished. Many churchyards act as havens for this and the associated animals. Broadly speaking most burial sites dating pre-1945 are likely to have a rich variety of plants and just need the right management to help it to flower in all its glory. 
During this session we will explore how to manage the grassland in a way that encourages wildflowers whilst being sensitive to visitors’ needs.

2. Carbon footprint tools - Caroline Pomeroy (Climate Stewards)
This workshop will cover questions such as

  • what is a carbon footprint?
  • how do carbon calculators work?
  • how can you use carbon footprint tools to calculate your church's or your own footprint?

3. Church floristry: moving towards a more sustainable future - Bekah Ellis (Sustainable Church Flowers)
In this workshop session, Bekah will discuss and demonstrate practical ways to make floral displays in churches more sustainable. From alternative, sustainable mechanics to different approaches to designs, and where to source flowers and foliage, this session will be a chance to explore and discuss options for a more sustainable floral future. 

4. Green worship and spirituality - Imogen Nay (Canon for Evangelism and Discipleship, Chelmsford Cathedral)
At the heart of our care for creation, what provides our motivation and our passion, is worship. How we worship is essential to enabling a whole congregation to catch a green vision. In this workshop Canon Imogen Nay will share some of her experience in setting up Muddy Churches in both Rugby and Chelmsford, and in drawing on the rich spiritual traditions of St Francis and Hildegard.

5. Letters for Creation - Alexander Cassidy (Christian Aid)
Throughout 2021 - 2022, Christian Aid invites children and young people to share their views on climate change in a creative project called Letters for Creation. We have worked with children in the UK and across the world to develop some beautiful pieces of art that capture their concerns and hopes about the climate crisis.
We invite schools and churches everywhere to hold Letters for Creation exhibitions - and to create their own artworks – so that the prophetic voices of children and young people can be heard and engaged with by the wider community. This is an opportunity to showcase the hopes and visions of a more sustainable and just future for people and planet.
This project is an opportunity to take young people on a journey of learning and spiritual reflection that leads to action on climate justice through creative art-making, with the opportunity to influence others through the exhibition of their artworks alongside the poster pack of artworks made by children from around the world.

6. Sharing the creation care message - Godfrey Armitage (Volunteer Speaker for A Rocha UK and Diocesan Environmental Officer, Coventry)
This workshop will cover introducing Eco Church to churches new to the scheme, working towards the awards, and Eco Dioceses.

7. Sustainability and historic church buildings - Nigel Walter, conservation architect and member of the Diocesan Environmental Task Group, Ely)