Eco Churches Conference

Jun 18
Online Event
Eco Churches

Bishop Graham Usher writes:

Bishop Graham Usher"As lead bishop for the environment, I am delighted that the cathedral communities of Chelmsford, Ely, Norwich, Peterborough, St Albans and St Edmundsbury are actively engaged with sustaining God’s creation and are so willing to share their knowledge and passion more widely. I hope that the conference encourages the environmental journey of our parish churches as we seek to be carbon neutral by 2030 and enhance the biodiversity around us."

  • Target audience - all churches in the East of England region, from large cathedrals to small parish churches, and everyone else who is interested in the topics we're covering, regardless of where you are located
  • Purpose - to help clergy, churchwardens, PCC members, congregations to engage with the Church of England's commitment to net zero carbon by 2030, and to help us all to reduce our impact on the Earth


Keynote Presentations